Links til både morgen- og aftenmeditationsgruppen (08.30 og 19.00)

How to join us

We gather in the Meditation Room on

This link will get you into the room. (If you haven’t already downloaded Zoom onto your system you will receive a prompt to do so before you can go any further).

The same link allows you to join any of the other daily groups m 07:30am and 6pm (London time) so worth bookmarking.

I hope you find the following guidelines helpful as intended:

• Meditators begin to gather a few minutes before appointed start time
• Leader welcomes and then just before start facilitator reminds all to mute their microphones
• Reading from John Main/Laurence Freeman
• Opening Prayer
• Three chimes to mark start of meditation
• 25min silence
• Three chimes to close meditation
• 2nd reflection (this can be drawn from any spiritual teacher)
• at this point full introductions are made before we move in Closing Prayer

**At this point some may need, or choose, to leave which is fine **

– For those remaining the session then moves into a time of sacred sharing. This is sharing any thoughts which may have arisen after listening to the two teachings/reflections or anything to do with spiritual journey. In other words, we refrain from moving into ‘general chit-chat’.

– Time of sacred sharing may take up remaining half-hour or, if the Spirit leads us to a place of silent reflection, the facilitator may feel it appropriate to end earlier.

Hvordan meditere og hvorfor?